June 06, 2004

A Night on Alcatraz

Alcatraz Posted by Hello

Walking through underground tunnels built during the Civl War, seeing the spot where a prison murder happened, and one of us sleeping in the Birdman's cell. Yes, we spent the night on Alcatraz, sleeping in the actual cells of in D-Block.

Christopher's Cub Scout pack got lucky and drew a spot. There are only about 20 groups a year that get this lucky. Anyway, 35 of us went over on an afternoon boat with a ranger and had a wonderful behind the scenes tour of Alcatraz. We didn't go to our cells until midnight. Patrick and a friend actually spent the night in D-42, the cell of Robert Stroud, aka the Bird Man. And this was after hearing the stories of what a psychopath he was.

We were up early the next morning, just as 2,000 swimmers were entering the water for the "Escape From the Rock - Alcatraz Triathlon". As we pulled up to Pier 41, the Jeremiah O'Brien liberty ship was pulling out with a fireboat escort to the anniversary of D-Day.

This was not your typical Cub Scout camping trip!

Christopher enjoys the view on the trip over to Alcatraz Posted by Hello

Patrick and Zachary get ready to go to sleep in the Birdman's cell. Posted by Hello



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