January 19, 2004

Washington DC

When most people think of a family vacation in Washington DC they think of hot, muggy weather. They think of long lines and crowds. Well, not us. Yes, we went to Washington DC in the middle of January. We were able to walk directly to the elevator at the Washington Monument -- no lines. It wasn't muggy either. The high temperature? Twenty-seven degrees.

A cold winter day on The Mall Posted by Hello

We stayed in Foggy Bottom about a five or ten minute walk from the metro. Our goal was to do everything in four days and we almost attained our goal. We saw the Washington Monument, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, the White House, the Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln Monuments, the Vietnam and Korean War Monuments, Arlington, the Holocaust Museum, the Spy Museum, and, of course, many of the Smithsonian museums.

It snowed our last night in DC. In the morning we got a shuttle to take us out to the new Air and Space Museum near Dulles. What a wonderful museum. And the best thing? Nobody was there!

Frozen fountains at the FDR Memorial Posted by Hello