July 31, 2004

Upper Missouri River

Patrick and Brian spent a week traveling in canoes with 19 other Boy Scouts and leaders down almost 100 miles of the Upper Missouri River in Montana. This trip was almost a year in the making and worth all of the efforts.

Brian and Patrick at Hole in the Wall Posted by Hello

After flying in to Great Falls Montana we were picked up by our outfitter Starwest Adventures who took us to our "put in" spot in Fort Benton. We spent the night at the fairgrounds there and organized 11 canoes and a weeks food for 21 people.

For the first two days on the water we saw no one! Just a couple of eagles, some deer, antelope, and a beaver. The third night we got what was to become a regular event, an evening thunderstorm. Days three and four were through the White Cliffs, a landscape only slightly changed since Lewis and Clark traveled through almost 200 years before.

We ended up at Judith Landing where there was a SMALL store, but they did sell ice cream. The outfiters came early the next morning and cooked us all blueberry pancakes and sausages as we packed up. We realized that we were still in the middle of nowhere when we had to travel 25 miles just to get to a paved road, then another 60 miles until we got cell phone coverage.

Le Barge Rock at Eagle Creek Posted by Hello

It was a most memorable trip!