October 09, 2004


Christopher, Jessica, and Julie in front of Independence Hall Posted by Hello

In October 2004 Christopher and Julie met Jessica in Philadelphia for a long weekend. They saw all sorts of different things, including a fountain with purple water, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, the Betsy Ross House, Ben Franklin's grave, and a great exhibit on the Titanic.

Congress Hall Posted by Hello

They also went on a Duck Boat. A Duck Boat is a sort of small World War Two vehicle that drives on land through the city, but then drives down a ramp into the Delaware River. Everyone on board got a quacker to quack at everyone they saw (after all, it was a Duck Boat). While on the Delaware River they got a fish eye view of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

The Ben Franklin Bridge Posted by Hello

On the last morning Julie and Christopher went up to the top of City Hall. The view was fantastic and Christopher and Julie were the only ones up there. It was a fantastic trip that everyone will remember.

Jessica and Christopher picking Ben Franklin's nose Posted by Hello